Calm Your Crying Baby

While there’s no single, surefire way of calming a crying infant, there are countless methods that parents have tried – many successful.

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Keep Moving

Rock your baby back and forth, or take a walk or a ride in the car. Rhythmic motion can be relaxing for you and your baby.

Try Swaddling

After being in close quarters for nine months, babies still like to feel snug and secure, so try swaddling him snugly.

Shush Baby to Sleep

By making a continuous “shushing” sound, you are imitating the sounds of the womb, which baby finds comforting. You just may be able to “shush” him to sleep.

Provide Distractions

A continuous noise or vibration, such as a humming vacuum or hair dryer, may distract and soothe your baby.

Place Your Baby in a Carrier

Infants like to be close to their parent’s body. Carriers allow parents freedom of movement without making them feel like they are neglecting a distressed child.

Give Your Baby a Massage

Stroke your baby’s back or chest lightly to soothe and comfort.

Try a Pacifier

Babies have strong sucking needs unrelated to their need for food; some simply find it comforting to have something in their mouth – whether it be a finger, a pacifier or their own thumb.

Sing a Song

The sound of your voice as you glide around the room to a familiar tune can be very calming.

Try a Mirror

Unbreakable reflective surfaces, such as those that appear on many baby toys, often capture and hold a fussy infant’s attention.

Give Your Baby a Warm Bath

A warm bath can soothe and relax your baby just before bed.

Give Your Baby a Few Minutes Alone

Once you’ve fed, burped and changed your baby, it’s okay to put him in a crib for a few minutes. Reassure him, then leave the room again for a few minutes longer before returning. Eventually, he will learn how to calm himself to sleep.

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